but... on the original floyd rose tremolo, you can pull on it to raise pitch right? or does it only do divebombs?
And all i got to do is turn a screw and it becomes a fixed bridge right?

this is the one i'm looking at buying
Shred Head
All that theory my guitar teacher tries to drill into my head just gets buried under piles of porn and I never manage to apply any of it
yea it can raise the pitch too

and since his question has been answered....HIJACK:

with those tremol-no devices, does it enable you to change tunings on your guitar (standard EADGBE to drop D for example) quickly rather than having to unlock the nut and tune every string?
You can do Standard to drop D without unlocking the nut without one of those. You can keep the bridge fixed and change tunings with it, but you will still have to adjust it to actually use the whammy in different tunings. Also, how much you can change it depends a lot on how you have the fine tuners set.