Anybody know of any good Jackson guitars for under $500?

Yeah I know it's cheap for a guitar, but I'm on a tight budget
RR3 second hand
Washburn USA Custom Shop
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RR3 second hand

Yeah, if you want a Rhoads get that and NOT the RX10D. I got the RX10D and the necks nice and all but the body's basswood, less controls, worse pickups and less well balanced weigh wise as the RR3 which isn't even THAT much more expensive.
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RR3 second hand

Yeah, the RR3 is a nice guitar, and if you wanted to get it new its just like $649 USD I believe for the black one.
YES!!! A used DKMGT!!! The neck is *drools* amazing it was so f*cking easy to shred on *drools again*. I played the black one and it was sweet!
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I would go with the RR3 over any Dinky in that price range, perhaps it's just because I'd consider it technically "better" overall.
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The colour and flamed maple top on this is cool. It's a King V KVX10

Dinky DK2M

If you ever find a nicer looking Jackson than the DK2M let me know.
The jackson RR3 custom. $479 with no tremolo so not a lot of hassles for a beginner (assuming from your budget, you are one). Duncan designed pickups, alder body, sweet paintjob. Look it up on zZounds.