some will say schedule, others will say just enjoy playing it and let yourself develop the skill naturally. I learnt everything by just playing for the fun of it really. it depends on how you learn new things, which varys from person to person.
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PLaying scales with a metronome, play a lot, play as accurate as you can with the scale and get faster and faster.
just fooking play as often as you can. Start with scales and chords.

Enjoy it, have fun and do NOT give up, it will come.
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I improved ALOT by instead of trying to play something that sounds good, just have fun and play the more you do that,the better it will sound over time.
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Quote by Muscle_Guitar
What's the best way to practice guitar and get better? Schedule? Just having fun?

I've found that if you try to have someone set down a schedule, learn scales, chords, theory.. while fundamentally sound, it takes the excitement out of learning the guitar.

I would concentrate on learning to play you like. Any song that piques your interest at all, go online, find the tab and learn how to play it - front to back. That way, you'll naturally improve by playing songs you enjoy. Once you get to the point where you feel like you're stuck in a rut, then you can start looking at theory.

Don't bog yourself down in the little details - just have fun and you'll get better.
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