So I'm working on this tune (the unplugged version). I figured it was mostly finger picking...but then I run into some 5 and 6 note chords. Are these meant to be strummed? If so, what's the correct style to strum without a pick?

Also, anyone have accurate chords to follow the Guitar Pro tab that's from here? I can figure most out...but I'd like to make sure they're correct.
For strumming without a pick, I usually kind of hold my thumb and index finger as if I was holding a pick. And strum down with index nail, and up with thumb nail.

But, really, you can do it whatever way sounds good and works for you.
It's Only Rock and Roll, But I like It
Thanks, ever played this tune? It sounds realistic for me...but it moves a bit more than the others I've done. Wonderful Tonight for example is mainly arpeggios.
A few years ago I used to play pretty much the whole Clapton Unplugged album. I haven't in a while though.
It's Only Rock and Roll, But I like It