I was thinking this is a good idea, but I'm going to let you guys to decide. I looked for rules, to see if they're were any rules against this...But I didn't find any.

This thread is to talk about songs, you are currently working on, whether it is solo on drums, guitar (bass) or singing or with your band. And maybe for people to give a little help on tips to people for the songs they are working on.

Currently I am working on two...Fake Plastic Trees by Radiohead (singing and playing at same time) and an original untitled song.
I'm writing a new progressive rock kinda piece, with lots of reverb, and I have to say, the timing makes me wanna kill myself.
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Progressive Rock is a favourite genre of mine. Do you have band? Or are you doing other instruments some other way...Since I'd love to know how that works...Since I'm kind of new to everything.

And to Retro...All those songs would be great to learn on guitar? Maybe choose the one that you heard first...I usually try to start from the simplest and build my way up...I don't want to be a metal band or artist, but I do like Metal, and so does my friend, so sometimes when I jam with him...He's not the greatest writer, so I write lyrics and the music...And metal songs are bitch to write...Especially the instrumentals...But that might just be because I wasn't born a metalhead
i am currently working on a few things:

my own compositions, sort of king crimson-ish
fur elise - beethoven
transcribing by ear play your role - blood pit
moto perpetuo
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Wondering which of these songs to work on first.

Trying to write a good original metal song for my new band before college starts too.

80's hair metal FTW!!! Right now I'm working on these three songs:

Boston Rain Melody - Steve Vai
Bultaco Saturno - Paul Gilbert
Paul vs. Godzilla - Paul Gilbert

I just bought Silence Followed by a Deafening Roar yesterday and I'm addicted to the last two tracks!
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Right now I'm trying to write a solo for the full Power Rangers Theme Song due to the fact that I cannot transcribe it by ear :P...and I just finished learning Carry on My Wayward Son
For me, the solo to "Final Product" by Nevermore, and "Women In Love" by Van Halen
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working on singing/lead guitar for "Killed by Death" right now
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currently working on
- Creature by Atreyu
- Untitled Finale by Atreyu
- Hand of Blood by BFMV
- Original song(guitar only)

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Just expanding my repertoire of acoustic singalongs.

Dream Theater's 'Silent Man' is the hardest one I'm trying to sing and play.
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I'm just improvising. learning licks off of Cream and Gn'R albums by ear, and working on the Crazy Train solo
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learning erotomania by dream theater.
can anyone tell me what the hell key(s) that song is in anyways? its so damn confusing lol
Davinci (Ohm) solo.

Writing this song. I have all the bass and guitar parts written out, and I'm learning the whole FL EZ Drummer thing so that I can get the drums down. Hopefully, I will have recorded one song by the end of the summer...
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learning erotomania by dream theater.
can anyone tell me what the hell key(s) that song is in anyways? its so damn confusing lol

It seems to center around E minor, with an absurd amount of chromaticism...I mean, damn. Seriously. I do love that song though; it's on my list of pieces to learn.
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Trying to work on "Altitudes", but that song has already given my anus a twin brother. I'm also working on the stuff from Satriani's latest album.
I'm writing lots of random riffs and chord progressions to bring into band practice...also lot's of improvising over random recorded riffs.
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I'm just improvising. learning licks off of Cream and Gn'R albums by ear, and working on the Crazy Train solo

Nice i just reworked to add in fills that i skipped a long time ago when i first learned it. Now I also do all the intro live stuff off the tribute album ( i used to just play the bass part with power chords and then go into the main riff ). I had to figure out a way to do it with no whammy bar but i got it down now good with my whammyless strat. That solo feels awsome once you get it nailed.

Im working on
Ozzy Bark at the Moon trying to get my damn alt pikcing cleaner and faster by playing this song cleanly and relaxed its giving me great improvments.
Eric Clapton - Signe working on fingerpicking on my often neglected acoustic
I also improvise over progressions alot and play through lots of songs i already know but mainly these 2 for this week but i have bad attention span so i will be on something else soon.
Trying to learn under the bridge by RHCP

i find it easier to play this song if you hold down the barre chords D(D shape) and F#maj(e shape) that way you wont be moving your fingers as much and sounds better.

ON TOPIC: Voodoo Child - Hendrix the wah is just so awesome in the beginning.
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My set list for when my band Odd Man Out is opening for Catch 22 on the 9th.

-Enter Sandman intro(as a joke, our singer stops us and goes "wait wait wait, aren't we a ska/reggae band?" And our tromboner goes "I didn't sign up for this ****" etc)
-"Dirty Reggae" - The Aggrolites
-"Loving Less" - Odd Man Out
-"Fire on the Mountain" - The Grateful Dead
-"Take it Easy" - Odd Man Out (it's an original, I sware!)
-"Beer" - Reel Big Fish

Normally we'd play all our originals, but we're missing 3/8 of our band, including 66% of our horn section.