Who here likes The Offspring? I love their old stuff, and some of the newer stuff is good as well, though it's not really punk. I like them as people, too. Have you ever seen an interview or the Greatest Hits discussion between Dexter and Noodles? They're just genuine, funny guys, unlike others like Tom Delonge. I mean, look at the regular three:

Dexter Holland: was memember of math club and track, Valedictorian in high school, Master's in Molecular Biology, pilot's license, makes hot sauce, frontman of Offspring

Noodles: he was a janitor that bought them beer when they were underage haha. He's actually pretty intelligent and hilarious if you listen to what he says in interviews.

Greg K: he was also in math club and ran track in high school. Other than that, he's just awesome as the quiet guy everyone likes and enjoys BASE jumping, golf, and collecting hats.

Dexter is definitely the most interesting, just because there aren't many rockstars with as many other successes as him, yet he's not cocky about any of it at all. They're definitely my favorite group, whether they've gone mainstream or not. Each of their albums have at least 3 really great songs, if not more. It's a shame that some of teir more famous ones actually aren't their best, like Pretty Fly for a White Guy. That song, though funny, is pretty bad if you think about it. I'm a fan of the Self-Titled, Ignition, Smash, Ixnay, and Americana. The Ron Welty days, basically. Conspiracy of One is alright, too, depending on the mood of a particular day. Splinter isn't too good, but it does have some excellent songs, like Can't Get My Head Around You and Da Hui. Finally, Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace has a great mix of a more punk sound and a mainstream sound. I like Trust in You, Takes Me Nowhere, and Nothingtown best.

So, any of you guys like The Offspring, or are you all going to attack me for liking a band who shouldn't be considered punk in your eyes? Feel free to discuss anything Offspring related.
One of the best live bands too, I'll tell you that
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Americana was the first CD I ever bought haha. I still listen to it from time to time. Probably the only reason I like it is because it reminds me of when I was 9.