I've been using Ernie Ball Beefy Slinky strings for the last three or four weeks, and I've had my tuned down to C. However, I'm now pretty bored with having it so low and want to bring it back up to half a step from standard (Eb Ab Db Gb Bb eb). Is this a good idea?

I know the strings are thicker, and I realise that thicker strings provides a greater tension. My current thinking is that if I tune back up slightly it will make little difference in the short term, and whilst I realise that my guitar isn't going to buckle under the pressure overnight, I just wondered if the pressure would even be great enough to cause any damage at all? Bear in mind the strings are only one gauge up from what I normally use, and I'd be tuned to half a step down.

I woulda said that the best strings for half step down tuning were power slinkys
having said that I have beefy slinkys tuned to standard on my seven string.
I dare say it won't make much differance, will probably just be alot harder to play.
I'd change to power slinkys just to be on the safe side if i were you