Howdy everyone,
Well I only started to play the guitar when I bought a Herald 3/4 classical guitar off ebay 2nd hand for under £10 including delivery. It is now unfortunately time to move on but I'm pretty comfortable with the size of the guitar as it matches my not very long arms but would consider a larger size. I have been lloking on ebay and only have about $120 or so to play with so a good condition 2nd hand guitar would be ideal. I like the look of the Squier (Fender) accoustics and have given serious thought to one of these. At the same time there are some nice tanglewood and Yamaha guitars on there too. I'm no gig player and struggle along with tabbed tunes so I am looking for a nice looking guitar with a decent reutation when it comes to sound.
Here is my shortlist so far:

Yamaha C70 Classical (Virtually new) for $100
Tanglewood TW28-STR-dlx Indiana Pro Series 3/4 for $120
Benson Acoustic guitar 3/4 New for $90
Yamaha CG111C (New) with lifetime warranty for $120
Admira Espania Spanish Acoustic Guitar (made in Spain) $80

All other suggestions are more than welcome
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Try the Yamaha CG111C. It's a good guitar. You might also want to add Yamaha C40 to your list. Great quality for the price.

Scratch the Admira Espania, I've played lots of Admiras(I even own one!) and their low end doesn't compare to their middle range guitars.

I'm not familiar with the Tanglewood or the Benson. I wouldn't consider the Squier acoustic, not because it's a Squier (because Squier can produce great things like VM jazz basses) but because it's produced by Fender, which make great electrics but not great acoustics.

I shall do some research for you.

EDIT: I'd consider moving onto a full size guitar btw and not sticking with a 3/4.
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Cheers man I appreciate it. I'd love to say the Admira has been scrapped and in the past now but I managed to get a lead bid on it on ebuyer for $0.99 so I'm committed to the cause

Meanwhile, I've had a look at the C40 which looks pretty sweet but my better half has one and I don't think she'd let me live it down if I was to buy the same model!

Other new additions I've managed to get on the shortlist are:
TANGLEWOOD TD8 (Dreadnaught New) at $100
Mint Condition Tanglewood Acoustic Guitar currently $80