When my head’s on fire
And all begins to spin
I feel I can’t get higher
This night should not have been
One where I go crazy
And lose all self control
Forget how many candies
I’ve committed to my soul

I’m having a good time
With a smile on my face
My life seems at its prime
Nothing ever falls out of place
Ecstatically I rise
To see what I can see
And not to my surprise
I realize it’s taken me

My life has reached its climax
I don’t care if now it’s done
Better than this it doesn’t get
So lookout hell here I come
Elements from every good thing I’ve seen
Slowly come together
Forming a place where I could live
Surely in bliss forever

Dimensions shift within my mind
I observe as all I know stops
Failing a stable
My head slowly swells and then it pops
Like a bubble filled with air
But if with your hand you try to touch
You’ll find it wasn’t there

A shadow I see, a heartbeat I skip, perhaps I did too much

It creeps across the floor
Growing more and more
I pray this doesn’t happen
But in my heart I feel it’s so
I know there’s nothing I can do
But this conclusion is the one
The one I know is true

A scream I hear, a heartbeat I skip, perhaps I did too much
My body no longer terrified
My stress now departed
Elements now simplified
That make like so retarded
It really helps you discover
This alleged bad thing isn’t such a lie
It really helps you discover
Beauties in life that otherwise may be ignored
Aren’t so hard to uncover

Things begin to slow down
The sun is now rising
The monster’s now leaving town
An action unsurprising
A night I will never forget
Come’s to a close
Things inside my head I met
Of which nobody knows

A grand experience this has been
I have a feeling it will happen again
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