I just ditched my Line6 PODxt Live in favour of a Hughes & Kettner Switchblade, which apart from sounding $1000 better also has all the programmable aspects of the POD as far as eq, drive and so on goes.

However, I'm looking into expanding my FX arsenal. I want less modeling and more quality. aswell as more live functionality than the POD. This pointed me to the TC Electronic Nova System. But for that price, I could also get the rackmounted G Major with a Midi controller such as the Rocktron Midi Mate. Since the Drive functions on the Nova aren't separated from the effects, you have to run everything in either the FX Loop or in front of the amp, which I'm a bit apprehensive about.

Seeing as how it is in fact the effects that I want the most as I'm quite happy with my amp distortion, could I get the same tonal quality and flexibility with the considerably less expensive G Major + Midi Mate? Would I lose anything in functionality, reliability or sound quality?

Thanks in advance for the help!