Ok, in the band I am in (I am definately not calling it my band) our singer/ rhythm guitar and lead guitar are leaving. They aren't quitting, they are going to college. The singer won't be that far away, just 15 minutes, actually closer than he is now. But the lead guitar player, (who, off topic, looks exactly like Bob Dylan and sounds like him too) is going up to Hope College in Michigan. He says he will be able to make it back down to us (suburb of Chicago) every 3 weeks, and every 2 weeks once we have a show. And our singer can send all his parts via email. But should I be worried that either of these guys will quit, based on the strain they will be put through to make it to practice?
honestly, yes. its hopeful to keep you guys all together, but the band im in im worried that our drummer might move down south 3 hours and i know that will kill what we have going. we've even played live a few times and practice all the time. but the truth is, a band needs to practice together i think. unless you've got a "song writer" who does all the parts, then can demo them and send you audio clips, its gonna be tough.

im not saying its gonna happen, but it might. its like a long distance relationship. at first you can make it work, but after a while its just better you go on your separate ways and find someone who works out for you thats close.
Well, thankfully we do have a songwriter. The only people he doesn't write for are me (bass) and our drummer. And (somehow) this kid does not pay for gas, and neither do his parents, so we shouldn't worry about the money.
if you guys can still compose and practice via internet, then you stand a chance. i know my bands style would not work that way since alot of it is improvising with each other to come about our sound. no one person writes everything. and all our best ideas we keep come from group jams.
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have everyone get web cams and practice over the internet.

that would be insanely difficult. could you imagine the lag on that? you'd play a note then 5 seconds after, ur mates would hear it. it would be so out of whack.
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