If you find it comfortable, no.

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I would try to avoid it if I were you but if it's not adding any extra tension to your playing and isn't restricting your movement then you can do that, yes.
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Hm, I sort of used to do that as well, but with my ring finger. I honestly didn't think I was pressing hard enough to make a difference, but then I tried lifting it off and I couldn't play nearly as well. I'd say it's most likely creating an unnecessary pivot point that you'd be better off without in the end. Try playing without holding onto it.
I actually did the same thing for a while and I found it much more comfortable than playing with a "floating" hand with no anchor. I tried switching a couple months ago to a anchorless style, and though I can't say it has helped a HUGE amount, it has helped enough for me to find it worthwhile. If you're willing, I would try to switch so you don't become dependent on having to have your pinky gripping the high E string.
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Generally a good idea

...at least when it comes to guitar. I dunno how well we can trust his normal everyday thought-processing though
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