He says he doesn't pay for his own gas. His parents don't pay for gas. Whenever we ask, he says "I have connections. Stop Asking." My theory is that his friend is an Arab Prince. So throw out any ideas you have as to why he doesn't pay and who pays cause he says he will buy a cake for whoever gets it right.
he doesnt pay, he steals it from other cars, like in My Name Is Earl

that episodes funny

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no idea but your avatar wins
Probly fills up on a company card. Or has a buddy working the pumps.
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My mom gets free diesal, as she uses a company van to drive around.

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Or has a buddy working the pumps.

If I ran that gas station, I would fire that fucker immeadiately.
he's stealing it or he's lying.

Gas is not a single man property. A gas station owner do NOT own the gas. Your friend is more retarded than a toaster
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There isn't an engine in his car.
Just a skinny Mexican.

And also, I don't like cake, I'd rather have the cash.


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My friends parents pay for his gas because they make him drive a hummer so he won't die
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He drives off without paying for it.

This is what I think.
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It's an electric car.
Or runs on bioethanol.
or hydrogen.

He doens't pay for it, just drives out the station.
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my dad gets free gas, his company pays for it so he usually feels up some cans for my mums car and hopefully mine when i get one
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he's either stealing it or lying
or has one of those elctric cars
wen i ask they say that they fall into the habit smhw ........but nyways i think there is a connection smwhere. Now i being a teetollar will not give into this habit nyhw

As a few people have said: company cars. If one of your friend's parents has a job that involves a lot of driving, their employer may fund all of their petrol consumption. However, I'd say that's unlikely: more probable is that they get part of their petrol paid for.
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probably has a diesel engine that he runs cooking oil on or something. i saw it on myth busters
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why would he lie about driving a company car. Especially when he doesn't have a job. And his car is from the 80's.
there are such "company credit cards" just for purchases gas

Some guy got in the news when he was feeling a bit generous used it to buy gas for like 300 people in one day.
i've got a friend who's dad works driving a gas tanker truck and when they go to fill tanks there's some left over that drains out so he buckets it up and gets to take it home.
Does he work at a gas station? Cause my friend does and his boss gives him 100 dollars worth of gas every week.
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Maybe it is the prince of congo becuase i got an email from him to get a lifetime supply of viagra

really? cause i got an email from him to buy the cure for aids in pill form. he also attached a list of about 200 other diseases that it would cure.
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he bought one of those cars that comes with a year of free gas, won a free gas for x amount of years sweepsteaks, he knows somebody that owns a gas station chain, he steals it.
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