I'm a beginning bassist. I've owned an Ibanez GSR for a few months and have been getting better. I certainly can play, but I'm nothing good by any means. I can't even use a pick. I don't know why, but I just cannot strum fast, clean, and on one string with the thing. I always rest my thumb on my top pickup and finger, which I understand is more respectable among bassists than a pick, but it's still pretty sad that I can't use one. I can even slap and pop. But the very basic, common pick is the Devil. If I ever moved to guitar (which I want to do eventually), I'd fail miserably.

So, any tips on how to get better with a pick?
If your only concern is that you'd fail at guitar, practice using a pick on a guitar, and keep your fingerpicking technique on the bass.
I started with acoustic guitar and moved into electric guitar, then bass

Now I can easily use fingerpicking in any of those, but I really suck with pick, even if practice a lot...so I'm not trying anymore, we can be like Neil Zaza

or just play bass and acoustic guitar
Using a pick on bass isn't really cool.
I finger pick bass, I learnt to use the pick on the guitar, and again finger pick for acoustic.