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It just occured to me how many people can play guitar, bass, drums, or some other popular instrument. A lot of people have these high hopes when they progressively get better that they'll maybe play concerts one day. Those already in bands have hopes of getting recorded and making it big. Existing artists make it look so easy, and when they tell their stories, they're no different than you and I. Yet, some of us will play our instruments until we die an never get a dime for it. That's all said and good, because playing is fun regardless, but it's just kind of sad if you think about it.

I don't know, for me it was one of those things I always knew, but when I actually saw it, the real force of the idea hit me. Like vegetarians always knowing they hate animal cruelty, but never really understand it fully until they visit a slaughter house, for example.

I was just wondering if any of you are bothered by this. I'm not in a band and don't expect to ever be famous, but I know people who are basically right there and just need to get the recognition from society and never will. It's terrible, man.
I have a drive to be important. Whether that means famous or not depends on how you look at it, but I have a lot of aspirations to aim for...
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yeah, i know what your saying, it is pretty depressing but if you REALLY want it, you should be able to get it. most people think they want it, but they dont practice enough and stuff like that. if your want to be famous with this, then you need to be EXTREMELY dedicated!
Yup, I will 99% never be as famous/big as any of the artists I admire.

Whatever, I do this for fun. It's a passion, not a profession for me.
I suppose if you look at making music that way, yeah, it is a little disapointing that you most likely won't be anywhere economicly.
I can go famous right now if I wanted to, putting out music that is far below my potential. But I don't want to do that. I'll wait until I'm well in my 30s or 40s to start a band that will make some outstanding music.
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As long as I inspire somebody musically i've done my job.
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well with that atitude youll never be famous.


It's the 21st century, there's YouTube and MySpace and all that stuff.
Well as long as you re happy playing guitar it shouldnt be a problem.

the best chinese proverb is "a man who has a job he loves never works a day in his life".
Well sort of like that.
"Like a midget at a urinal, I was going to have to stay on my toes"

"Like a blind man at an orgy, I was going to have to feel my way through"

It doesn't bother me at all, because it's not what i focus my energy on and so of course it's not going to work out with me becoming famous
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I don't care about that.

What keeps me up at night is the realisation that I almost certainly won't be able to do music as a career.
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Yup, I will 99% never be as famous/big as any of the artists I admire.

Whatever, I do this for fun. It's a passion, not a profession for me.

My thoughts exactly.
Depends what your musical goal is, I wanna get some recognition for my playing but my uncle is a keyboard/guitar player and has been in countless bands and is still not famous but he enjoys playing and writing with his current band so he is ok.
thats the nature of the beast, some make it some don't. its just natural selection. the fresh, unique and appealing bands have a shot at maing it. however if you are abstract, but highly talented, you're bound to have some peope like you, but probably wont get as big as the mainstream bands. like take frank zappa for instance, talented, very abstract, but notappealing to the mainstream. people still listen to his stuff, but he'll probably never be like ac/dc or aerosmith. its more hit or miss going for the mainstream appeal, you get a record deal, you book work, if not you don't.
Remember that all famous people have started when they weren't famous. When big groups like Metallica or Guns'N Roses have started to play, they didn't think that one day they would become famous.
thats because those people that dream about being rich and famous just dream.

i know dudes that will talk all day about how badly they wish they could do everything you just mentioned, but never actually do anything to accomplish those goals, because those dudes are shallow and just care about themselves.. its not about being famous its about playing some ****ing rock and roll

i never played with a steady band, but I write my own music and I jam with friends whenever they are taking time off drugs, and I perform at open mic nights every week with my friend who sings and Its really modest, but It is SOMETHING.

I think you should be less concerned with getting famous, and just play some ****ing rock and roll

hank williams jr. said this.. you can't fake it, if you want to make it, you have to live it.
Hell, it doesn't bother me. I've been playing music for 10 years on the guitar, bass, violin, and piano. I've played in an orchestra for 8 years, a jazz band for 2 years, and I've been in various metal, rock, acoustic, blues bands over the years and I've performed in over 45 concerts around my area and hometown. I've won multiple awards from my schools and hometown including the Louis Armstrong "Top Senior" Jazz Award. I've taught guitar classes and other music classes. Am I famous?? Only to those how know me. Music is not something I'm pursuing as a life's career. I'm still young. I'm only 20 years old and I have an extensive musical career behind me. Yes, I've always wanted to be a rock star and in high school I tried to pursue that dream but I realized early that everyone who's a famous musician had their lucky break that brought them into stardom. I'm not waiting around for that and I'm completely happy where my life in music is right now. Dreams of being a famous musician, or just famous period, shouldn't be followed, fame just drops itself in on you.
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Well dude, it's like sportsmen isn't it. I know hundreds of talented athletes and hardly any of them are going to get anywhere with it. But someone has to, and I suppose if you really want it enough and are willing to make the sacrifices you never know, you might be one of the lucky few.
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Who says I can't get famous? And it's less about being famous and more about just having lots and lots of people hear your music. I know that's one and the same but if I just say I want to be famous it makes it sound like I want all the attention to be on me. I just want people to enjoy my music. LOTS of people.

Anyways, if anyone tells me I can't get famous or that the odds are too stacked against me, then it'd be best for me to not talk to them, frankly. I don't need to look at the odds, because they shouldn't matter.

So no, it doesn't upset me because I have every intention of attaining my goals. It will upset me if I'm on my death bed and still haven't gotten 'famous.' Until then it will always be the direction I'm headed in.
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Yup, I will 99% never be as famous/big as any of the artists I admire.

Whatever, I do this for fun. It's a passion, not a profession for me

I agree 150%
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the fact is because of the internet and downloading there are far more bands out there and those bands dont get record company support so they wont be able to progress and also arent able to afford a year in a studio so there will be no huge rock bands like metallica etc from now on.
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i think any1 can


You made a funny.
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I dont play to get "famous" and I dont expect to get "famous". My highest dream, when it comes to music, is that I am able to make a living playing the music I love or at least having some kind of proffession that deals with music. I play and write music because its what I love to do. Who knows? In the future I might find some other musicians that have the same vision and drive and we end up playing shows but either way I dont give a ****. As long as I am making music that I love I am happy.
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Doesn't bother me. I make music for me. If other people embrace it, that's great, but they're not my motivation.
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I plan to make a living doing music, but I don't care at all about being famous. If my name gets out yay, but I can live with myself playing odd hours at bars if I'm not on the verge of dying of starvation.
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the fact is because of the internet and downloading there are far more bands out there and those bands dont get record company support so they wont be able to progress and also arent able to afford a year in a studio so there will be no huge rock bands like metallica etc from now on.

A year in the studio? Nobody takes that long. And the internet isn't working against bands it's making things better for bands than they have been before. Unfortunately though most people will only view the change negatively, and won't take/see the opportunity to use it as a tool.

And there WILL be more huge rock bands. I think the rock/heavy music scene is suffering right now from a lack of creativity/individuality. IMO nobody is making very good music (of course there are always some exceptions).
We're only strays.
Of course I'd love to be a famous musician, but there are other things in life than fame and fortune. Example, if you were rich and famous, people would only bother getting to know you because you're famous. For me, that's worse than not being famous.
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Because I'm going to be sucessful in the future one way or another. I know it won't be for playing music.
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