I found an ad for a Ampeg 8x10 cab and a b2r amp for 800 bucks and pending the condition of it I'm more than likely going to buy it.

The first amp i owned was a combo fender amp that i could just plug in and let it go, however, I know theres much more than that to properly projecting your bass. So basically I would just like an overview of how to properly setup my amp and cab and get a good solid bass sound to customize. Thanks in advance.
well if they are being sold together i would assume that they were used together so the wattage and ohms are properly worked out, but ask just to be sure! Make sure you use the correct cables when hooking the head to the cab.

If you want to customise then there is definitely a couple of tone knobs on the head, but if you want more control you could buy a pre-amp. That will allow you to shape to your hearts content! Just remember Deliriums motto in the FAQ: 3up 3 down