heres my problem... My friend want to sell his SD livewire metal to me.. and i want to change pickup coz my stock epiphone pickup is suck... is it suit with my style and my guitar? im using epiphone g400 goth and play a lot of christian metal, post-hardcore and some metalcore like the devil wears prada, underoath, alesana, caliban etc.

sorry for my bad english... im from malaysia
that would deffinately suit your style, but this guy at my local guitar store advised me not too, i was looking into them at one point. They're expensive and they use 18 volts instead of 9, thats two 9 volt batteries your cramming into your guitar, and its some estensive installation. But hey, you do what you want, i've never heard them before so if they sound amazing then all that should be worthit!
thanks for ur advice but im still in doubt... if compared to blackouts and emg81 which one of these 3 better?
and whats the different between 9v and 18v in term of sound? the output for 18v will be 2x higher?
sorry im n00b with active pickup...
I don't know if you are talking about the dave mustaine livewires but if you are I always ran mine off 1 9v. As for me I just recently replaced mine for an 81/85 set because they where giving me problems like the bridge pup cutting out. Also the people I've talked to say they don't recommend the livewires. I've got to say that they do sound great. Not to much different from emgs but maybe a little more distortion in the bridge pup. The neck pup has its own unique bluesy feel to it, brighter than my emg 85. I would say it suits your guitar but I would go with emgs. Its just my preference though.

oh and
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The 18V mod gives you more headroom, mostly done for better clean tone.
more room for things to move around in there, like Mids, Gain, Treble which means more punch and more dynamics, but im not sure if thats what 18v is for. I think 18v just means you're getting a really heavy pickup, since all actives use 9v. Imagine EMG x2 or Blackouts x2....im really not too sure and i should just stop saying things im not too sure about....go to the seymour duncan website and look up that pikcup, you should get some information. They might even have the webpage in your main language, which would be easier for you to understand.
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what do u mean by more headroom?

more punch, less break up.
i would go with a set of emgs, just personal preference.
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I don't know anything about the Livewire series other than they are indeed an 18v active pickup set... opposed to your normal 9v active set. This means that you will have to go through an extensive installation process which would most likely include some routing because you have to fit two 9v batteries in your guitar instead of just one.

However, I do know that if you are going active stay away from EMGs - go Blackouts. They have a wider frequency response range (in other words, more and better tone) and they have less compression (you will get more of the natural sound out of the pickup).