So, I really want to do some 2D animations, but NOT slide by slide. I tried Flash and loved the movement+animation features, but I'm NOT ABOUT TO PAY $600 for a stupid program. Any free alternatives with similar features? I also need it to be able to have audio added into it.

So basically I'm looking for an FREE animation program that has

-that motion tweening/animation tool in Flash
-the ability to let me add audio at certain points

I'm going for a Code Monkeys/Aqua Teen Hunger Force animation style. Not complicated.

I'd like to avoid piracy, so don't suggest it.
Im not gonna say pirate it it...
but im not NOT gonna say it

Limewire/Torrentz ftw
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Open source software is your friend.

There are plenty of animation programs and programs in general that are open source.

osalt.com is a great site to find open source alternatives to popular software.