Sound Storm (SSL) Car CD Player and a pioneer head unit without faceplate

I have a Sound Strorm (SSL) CD player for a car. I paid $85 at a pawn shop and another $30 for the wiring and adapter to fit it into my Caddy. The wiring will fit all GM vehicles '88-'04 and the adapter should work on most of those aswell. The stereo comes in the origional box with the manual and such, and I have the info sheet for the wiring, but I lost the info sheet for the adapter.

Got a new (VERY VERY used) car with a good stereo in it, so Im gonna let this go for $75 + shiping OBO

Also I found a Pioneer DEH-P3900MP in the trunk of the new-ish car. I have no idea if it works so Ill let it go for $10 + shipping.

And Im in the U.S. of A. (Southwest Florida more specifically)

I know its not guitar stuff but a lot of people sell non guitar stuff aswell.

Email me at

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thank you sir for catching this.

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