So, ever since I got Rock Band this Christmas, I've loved it. Playing the drums on expert is one of my favorite things to do when I'm bored, but around here, there's no drummers, and I want to be in a band so I thought: why not be THE drummer?

So, I'm sort of looking for some cheap kits that don't skimp on quality. I'm pretty much a noob at drum talk except for knowing that each drum sounds like. Double bass would be sweet, because metal is my favorite genre of music.

Find someone who knows about drums.
Go shopping for them.
Find out what would be a good beginner drum set for practice.
Start practicing, join/create a band, and have fun.
Pearl makes good entry/medium level drums.

Check www.musiciansfriend.com
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You should probably learn the basics of drumming, and learn some simple beats before you tackle double bass. Its a lot harder than I thought it was going to be; hitting the double kick pedal and keeping in time with the other parts too.
my friend bought that pulse 8 piece for like 500 i think. hardware was kinda cheap but it doesnt sound too bad and its got double bass. but im not a drummer, so you should talk to someone who knows or read some reviews if kits on harmony-central or something
ye i started drums around christmas and have progressed quite a lot,

if you are going to buy a kit get one off ebay. don't buy the £10 ones though, they suck.

buy one that has already had new skins put on it and a decsent set of cymbals, as it can be a pain in the arse buying new ones.

don't go for amazing kits because if it turns out you don't like it, it can be hard to re-sell the kit.

good luck!


for a drum website use this one,


double edit:

do NOT get a double pedal yet, because it can mess up your technique when you need to play single pedal. most the people i know that play drums have told me not to buy a double pedal for at least a year after starting off.
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**** man i wanna play the drums sooo bad after dickin around on my buddys kit but 1) no money, 2) no room for them, 3) probably moving to an apartment soon with terrible sound laws. fack!!!!
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Look on local pages and buy some used drums. You can get some pretty decent beginner stuff for pretty cheap, or you can buy some higher quality used stuff for the same price as low end new stuff. Also, if you buy used, you can buy things that were reskinned and have extra things in there that are just BONUS! try it out.

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Eh...Definately find a mate that has a set and get a feel for them. For some people, drums just isn't their things.

It's also really inconvienient to practise. It's not like you can just unplug them at 22.00 and run through some scales and Master of Puppets :S