I've been playing the guitar for 7 months now and can play parts of fairly complex songs but havent quite managed to pull a song together and jam along to a CD. Anyway I'm planning to start jamming with some fairly new friends, and whilst they know I'm pretty rubbish at the moment it'd be nice to be able to keep in time and jam along with them when we have our first session.

Has anybody got any suggestions to help me improve my playing when having others around me?

Pick songs you can handle, it's as simple as that. Don't start out tryin to cover some Steve Vai song, take it easy at first.
And playing in a band doesn't automaticly mean you'll improve. Just it sounds like you are, cuase the other instruments compliment your playing. You can just play a simple 3 chord progression with power chords and it'll sound 10x better with just adding in a drum beat
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