Well I lost my lead at a gig and I need a replacement. I don't want to be very expensive but I know really cheap leads can lead to bad quality sound. Are there any things that you should have as minumum requirements for a lead to get the cheapest yet not cheap (if you see what I mean) lead?
I always go with Planet Waves 20 footers. Good sound, very dependable, and they come with a lifetime warranty.
you're in the UK. Cleartone. They're about one-third the price of planet waves, and totally annihilate my planet waves leads.


i think they're on holiday at the moment, so you might have to wait a few weeks to get your order processed, but believe me, it's worth it. I have a bunch of leads I paid £20 a pop for, and my cleartones (all between about £5-£10) absolutely slaughter them. Can't recommend them highly enough. When something's cheaper and vastly superior, it's win-win. When they're cheaper, vastly superior, and you can customise them to your own preference and liking, it's so much win-win it's not even funny.

Sorry for the fanboy review, but they are that good.
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