Obviously this person got tired of rick roll. So they created their own version of it.
its the best song to do it to someone as well

Marky mark and the funky bunch


lets start a rant about this video
No one can ever create a new Rick Roll. NO ONE
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People make alternatives to rick rolls all the time, theres hundreds of them.
I <3 Drugs.

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Rick roll is better! This one isn't half as annoying to get redirected to!
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if someone sigs this i will be fairly displeased.

Lady Gaga has a penis! >>EVIDENCE<<

What about the good old fashioned tisdale roll?
Gotta love ashley tisdale

I would do dirty nasty things to her
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Hey! Now you can molest you're grandma and she won't remember! Score!!!

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no, this is not the new rick roll. if anything were to replace rick roll, i'd say it would be the fresh prince of bel air theme, which has been buzzing round the anons for a while now
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