Hello, i'm not sure on which practice amp to get. I don't gig, and I mostly play in the living room/bedroom, but I don't know which one will suit me best.

My choices are the Blackheart little giant (LOL, IRONIC LAWL)

or the handsome devil. (because the devil has nice cheeks)

I was aiming more towards the little giant and getting an OD for it, and because from what I've been hearing on handsome devil demos, that the gain control isn't that great. So which would you rather choose?

plus the handsome devil is $100 so wouldn't it be best to save those $100 and get an OD?

I play classic rock, and some blues
Also what OD pedal would you recommend?
for classic rock you won't need an OD if you're going to be cranking a little giant.

Its a non master volume amp so your gain will be controlled by how loud you're turning the amp up.
They have very little headroom so if you want a fuzzy mess of tone, no they do not. They should sound ok with overdrives if you want higher gain settings but I can't really say about fuzz's. I just don't imagine that they do.
but didn't hendrix use a fuzz with a cranked amp? sounded good to me.
My vote is for the Handsome Devil because, like Tiny Terror, it has a master volume that lets you crank the preamp and keep speaker volume at bedroom levels.

I almost bought one but they wound up delaying the release and I couldn't wait, came into some extra cash and bought the Ampeg I have now instead.