I am wondering if it is difficult to get used to a 7 1/4" radius fretboard. If anyone has any experience with these let me know what you think.
Try a guitar with it before deciding, its very hard to answer that type of question.
^ agreed.
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That's a hell of a radius, fender's only 9.5. My new bolt kit gonna be 10.

That kind of radius will be sweet for chordings but be kinda hard to do some bends.

That seems really tight.

I play a Jim Root Tele with a 12" radius and it's a huge difference from the 9.5" (typical Fender) that I'm used to. IMHO, with the larger radius it's much easier to fret w/o tripping over your fingers -- it also seems much faster.

I'd definitely "try before you buy".
If you have plenty of playing experience on anything else, that round of a fretboard will probably be quite challenging. Then once you get used to it, playing on anything else will probably be quite challenging.
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The vintage 7 1/4" radius makes chords easy and makes solo work very hard. Tight radiuses choke the strings when you try and bend them which means the action has to be made very high. Some people can get used to that very easily while others can't. The only way to tell how it's going to be for you is to try it.
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