i wasd thinking about buying a bunch of pedals and building my own pedalboard....wat are the standard pedals that anyone who has a pedal board should have on their pedal board
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Uh.. whatever you want to play with? Throwing cash around without knowing what you're aiming for won't help. Effects don't make the player..
you should at least have a tuner and a noise gate. anything else is up to you.
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Distortion , Delay , Verb , Wah ?
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Definite with the tuner, i personally don't use a noisegate and i don't have a problem

go used and check ebay
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I don't know. It depends on your style and the effects you need. I'd personally like to have a Distortion pedal, an OD pedal, a noise gate, compressor, reverb, delay, a tuner and an EQ pedal but I can't decide for you.