ok so i was wondering if yall could help me choose the stuff to build the ultimate computer for internet, I tunes (music and Video. i would have a **** load of video), and gaming. by gaming i mean both PC games and i was wondering if i would be able to connect like a PS2 ( if thats possible is there like PS2 Controllers for the computer) and a PSP to the computer. So let me say that i no idea of what im doing here in terms of actually building the computer but my brother is a nerd about this kinda stuff so he can help me build it. so yeah i have no preferences except that im gonna buy an 80 Gig i pod soon so would like an 100 gig plus memory.
so yeah thanks
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I have built 2 for friends, it is very complex, and if you get them to fit, drivers and operating system install will rape you..