first... i suck at guitar. i listen to death, black, and grind metal. i mainly play death metal... drop- tune d and c. i'm a drummer looking to trade positions. my current set-up is a peavey 6505 combo, danelectro fab tone pedal, and a jackson kevin bond.

i can't get the tone right on my 6505. need some help on EQ settings. also, to get killer, raunchy, drop-tune crunch.... what pedal do y'all recommend... if i need one.
actually, i was told to come here. i accidently went to electric guitar. btw... i hear there's a lot of forum snitches and trolls here. keep up the hard work buddy!!!!
just saying, you got pretty nice gear for someone who is just starting out.

check out the settings sticky and try out some of the settings for metal bands. the settings there arent amp-specific, but they can get you started in the right area
my favorite settings i use on pretty much any amp are:


volume at whatever you need it to be
treble at 7
mid at 6
bass at 8


volume, again, at whatever you need it to be
gain at 8 (turn it down some if you're playing a gig or practicing with a band, maybe to 5 or 6)
treble at 4
mid at 6
bass at 6

that's what i use, and i love it

AnalogMan Stereo Chorus
Barber Tone Press
Way Huge Supa Puss