Been a year or so since I've put anything up. So here it is.

Something I made the other day. It's metally. I don't know what to go into at the end, so I just faded out.

Any help with that and just any possible feedback would be awesome.

1. i think that after a brief interlude by the first slow part (in between bar 18 and 19) the distortion guitar in track 6 should resume again with that nice lead-y part. then continue to what comes after (bar 21-ish). this is my IMMEDIATE thought after listening right up to this part, first time through.

2. maybe instead of just ending on a fading note, end with a fading out-solo, a la Mr. crowley?

3. have you played this song really? i mean with the full ensemble? it just seems alittle busy at parts in the gp5 tab, maybe the volumes just aren't balanced perfectly though.

other then these three things, very enjoyable to listen to.
To SpeedLives...I don't think I want to end there, I just ended it on a fade so it didn't sound so abrupt to listeners.

Also, I have been annoyed by the volume in the heavy part with both guitars and choir that comes in after the lead.

To Kardot...You definitely hear Opeth influences.