Hello, Pit!

Since I know all you Pit monkeys have master degrees in computer and sex(cyber?), I humbly reques assistence in the resotration of my Windows XP Pro computer. So heres the situation: After I ran a virus and a registry check using Uniblue software, I was asked to reboot my system to fix the registrys. But, when I started my machine again, everything seemed normal. After the Winows Welcome page I could even hear the welcome noise. Problem is, when it shows the desktop, nothing happens and it takes me to the Account sellection screen. When it shows the desktop I try to use Ctrl+Alt+Del to use the process manager to open the explorer, but the process manager doesnt work. Is there any way to fix this without having to reinstall XP? I really don't want to loose all my stuff.

Thanks in advance my fellow pit.

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