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Buy a decent amp that I'll use until august 2009.
2 18%
Save all my money and buy great gear in the US when I move there in august 2009.
9 82%
Voters: 11.
Ok, so in a year I'll most probably move from Sweden to the US to study at college. Im fed up with my Ibanez RG321 and Roland Cube 30X and want something better. In september I'll have about 400-500 euro to spend on what I want, obviously. My question to you is. Do you think I should buy myself a decent amp for 400-500 euros here in Europe that'll cost 400-500 DOLLARS in the US, and enjoy it until next year august. OR. do you think I should save all my money and buy myself some really good gear as soon as I move there?

Btw, is it ok to play guitar in the dorms or mus I use headphones?
this isn't regarding any particular guitar gear. Just a simple question regarding your opinions.
I say save up. And...you're coming to the US to study? Well, I don't know what education's like in Sweden. I just always thought European areas had better universities.
if you can still play with your gear now until you move then do it, but if you cant the go ahead and buy some new gear
Some amps in Europe (ENGL, Laney etc...) will be much cheaper than buying them Stateside. But on the other hand, things like Mesa's are cheaper to buy them in America.
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