It starts roughly near the beginning, it's an expression pedal, that when he presses it down, it sustains the chord he's just played, so he can play over the top? Any ideas would be great.
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I think it swells the volume. I used to know what it was. I forgot as well.
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erm my guess is a rotary speaker effect coupled with either chorus or reverb. whatever it is its drawing out the full chord only. i think its possibly like a riff loop but blended at either end, i'm going to call it a Sustained chord only effect pedal thingy (technical term i know). anyone has a better explanation i'd love to find out so i can buy one.

on a side note live, gilmour usually has Richard Wright keeping a sustained Gm chord whilst he solo's (as seen on P.U.L.S.E.) maybe you could try and get an emulator or a friend who plays keyboard to join in?

if this doesnt help, sorry i usually use my thumb to hold down the G note and set my AVT on Hall mode 1 when i play it. sustain wears out eventually though
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I think that Electroharmonix HOG thing can do that

its good a mode called "Freeze" where it holds the chord you're playing
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