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Buy a decent amp in Europe that'll I use until august 2009.
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Save all my money and buy really good gear as soon as I get to the US in august 2009.
19 100%
Voters: 19.
Ok, so my last thread got locked and was adviced here. Lets try again

In about a year I'll most probably move from Sweden to the US to study and play NCAA div1 soccer at college. Im fed up with my Ibanez RG321 and Roland Cube 30X and want something better. In september I'll have about 400-500 euro to spend on what I want, obviously. My question to you is. Do you think I should buy myself a decent amp for 400-500 euros here in Europe that'll cost 400-500 DOLLARS in the US, and enjoy it until next year august. OR. do you think I should save all my money and buy myself some really good gear as soon as I move there?

Btw, is it ok to play guitar in the dorms or must I use headphones?
like i said in the last thread, play what you got if you can stand it but if you cant then buy some stuff.
but if you want you can buy a cheap multieffects pedal, digitech makes some pretty good ones. cheap as in 50-150 bucks. that should suit you until you move.
you can get some pretty sweet gear from the US that costs a bomb over here in europe i would save your dollar and see whats available in the US
Wait. Gear is cheaper (for the most part) in the US.
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It may seem like a pain in the ass to wait for the gear.. But I say wait. So you don't have 2 different sets of ****tyy gear laying around.
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yup, everything is cheaper in the US.....except marshalls, they're cheaper in the UK
I voted wait, however, if you can get a great amp now, it'd be worth it (assuming you'll need it, for gigging and stuff).

If you aren't desperate for the stuff, waiting is always the best option.
ok, thanks for the answers, after like 2 or 3 weeks of research of what to buy. The idea of saving all my money just came to my mind and buy all new gear in the US. But Im still tempted to buy an amp. I'll have to get a picture of my dream guitar Ibanez JEM as a wallpaper on my computer and that will keep me away from buying anything now :P
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Having your dream guitar as a wallpaper will NOT keep you AWAY from buying anything...
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Buy a new guitar now, but wait for the amp. Guitars are much easier to trek around with, but an amp will cost a lot to move across the Atlantic.

As for the dorm, it depends on two things.
1- Bass or Guitar? - If it is guitar, feel free to amp up. Basses are a no-no to amp in dorms because low frequencies travel farther through hard surfaces than high frequencies, so even a 15W amp will be heard through the walls.

2 - Wattage? - A biggy. Use your standard tube-solid state conversions, a 15W SS amp will be fine, but a tube will be harder to use. Just keep it low and youll be fine.

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Just wait until you get to the US, you'll have more money to spend on good stuff, and, you won't have to ship your guitar and amp over.
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Just wait until you get to the US, you'll have more money to spend on good stuff, and, you won't have to ship your guitar and amp over.

This i know i would never want to ship over new gear to a new country BTW when u move get an airline grade case those things will last longer then u will live just google "airline guitar case" i think their like $500 but well worth it unless u intend to have ur axe as a carry on
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Guitar flight cases are generally $75, although Fender has the new SKB guitar case that will run $100-125 which has a master lock usable by airports. This means that customs, instead of cutting the locks, has a master key usable on SKB cases. This will be much less annoying, and you will have less chance of the case opening during the flight (since it wouldn't have any locks).
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I'd wait if I were you, unless you buy used and resell it again in a year. Also if you want to use your amp without headphones make sure u get a dorm where partying is allowed. If it is an academic only dorm you will be screwed.
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