Anyone own a stagg or played them ??? I thought about getting one maybe.
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My first guitar was a Stagg H-300 or something. It's a BC Rich Mockingbird copy and I think that guitar is the reason I carried on playing! Get a REALLY cool shaped guitar for your first one, everytime you look at it you'll be like "YEAH! ROCKER DUDE! I PLAY THE ELECTRIC GUITAR, THE COOLEST INSTRUMENT IN THE WORLD AND I'M GONNA ROCK OUT NOW". It's what happened with me and look at me now! HAHA, I earnt £4.50 playing guitar today! Mr Rockstar I am.

But yeah. The guitar had really high action and it gave a lot of feedback, the pickups aren't great. Also the input jack broke when I got it but that was an easy replacement. I'm glad I bought it though cos of the shape and it stayed in tune so didn't put me off guitar. Try one out.
I've played a few staggs, they seem solid for beginner or project instruments, my bassist plays a stagg, was her first bass and she's had it for a long time, it's pretty damn reliable and sounds good enough for saying it's stock.
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Anyone own a stagg or played them ??? I thought about getting one maybe.

They're pieces of crap in my experience. I'm played a few, and have one myself (a generic Stagg dreadnaught acoustic), However, they're so cheap that it's difficult to hold their rubbishness against them. As people say, they prolly make good project guitars and stuff. Their most expensive guitar is £250 lol! I bet that one is actually pretty good.
well..I bought one during the holidays, because I was having kind of an abstinence syndrome..It wasn't anything special, but it was by far the cheapest one I could find ( honestly, I was looking for used guitars and I ended up with something of similar price brand new)

It's nothing special, but i guess it gets the job done
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omg, i dont know about the current staggs but i have my dads from the 70's, its a les paul custom copy in black and it is amazing, pick ups arent great but other than i love it
I tried one at my local music store, it felt okay, but the sound was horrible, I hated the sound, and they were selling it for $340! I said screw it and got an Agile AL 2000 much better
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