Let me help your guitar achieve its ultimate potential playability, tone,
and performance. Vintage, Boutique or Budget.
"The Ultimate Setup" can breathe new life into your guitar.


Read why so many have loved what the
ultimate setup has done for them.


“It’s like having your very own pro touring tech”

Your setup will include:
Full neck inspection, Fret leveling, Fret Dressing, Nut inspection,
Intonation, Action, Set Bridge, Balance Tremelo,
Pickup heights and so much more…
The cost is $99.00
plus shipping and handling.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me!
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I just signed up to this site and posted this thread to let players know about my fiancees guitar setups!
I am trying to get the word out there, as this is a valuable service and offer!

I am not a guitar player so I can not come on here and talk tech stuff, I am only trying to help him to help others by letting guitar players know of this service. Before *reporting*, why not read about it and check this out.