So this is a cover, more focused on the vocals than on guitar, even though I know most of the licks (at least before the solo).

I've always been self conscious about my singing so I always think it sounds bad. I need some outside advice/criticism. I've sorta masked the "badness" by overdubbing (like multiple times )

just like to know your opinions on the voice. thanks.

Edit: whoops forgot the link--- http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/joehok1/music/all/play382829
Hmm.....sounds ok to me. Try and put more emotion into your singing though. Really belt it out
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This is a legitimate bump (I hope)- I've replaced the song in my profile with another one with the leads (sans solo). some more comments would be awesome. Thanks.
Are you recording the vocals separately to the guitar? If you arent I would do them like that so theres less to concentrate on.

Maybe some vocal training will give you more confidence, you dont have a bad voice, it just needs training to bring out the emotion.
Keep at it though.
Any chance of a crit?

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sounds good to me mate. you seem to have pretty good vocal control, and your voice is clear. I see what the guy meant about going for it a bit more in places, but that's hard if you're nervous... you don't have any reason to be tho, it was good!