Well, yeah. As time progresses, I'm becoming more and more bored with my guitar playing. My theoretical background is intermediate. I have fairly good knowledge of how to compose rock/pop songs. I know which chords fit together and I know which doesn't and I know why. I can quite easily figure out which key a rock or pop song is in and I can solo or choose a fitting guitar lick according to this. I know the difference between minor and major, 7th and major 7th, 9th chords blah blah blah and so on. More or less, I know the "appropriate" basics.

My musical tastes rarely venture out of alternative/indie and some other rock, which hasn't been a problem until now (there are many good, creative and technically proficient alt/indie guitarist, contrary to general belief on this website). For the last few years I've kind of settled for the same kind of music and fairly similar genres, while still being able to find music that sounds somewhat refreshing and appealing, and playing along to this. I works fine, but I want to develop further.

I'm pretty sure that jazz is a very instructive genre to play. I know a lot of people who claim that their jazz and classical training has helped them develop their playing a lot, and I don't doubt that at all. So, basically, I want to learn how to play jazz guitar. It might sound like a foolish statement since I don't even listen to jazz more than occassionally, but, as I previously stated... I want to develop my guitar playing. So basically, my two questions are:

1. Where should I start with, music-wise, if I want to learn jazz guitar?

2. How the heck do you even learn jazz? Is it really that different from rock music? I've graduated high school, so I can't join any school jazz band or anything like that. I'll just have to do it by myself.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
How did you learn playing Indie style guitar? Probably by learning songs you liked and practicing. No surprise, but that's how people learn jazz guitar.

And yes, jazz guitar is very different from rock. VERY.
Well, I've heard people saying that jazz is something that is almost impossible to learn on your own. Or at least very, very hard.
I'd recommend getting a real book, the Jazz Theory book by Mark Levine, and going to the site www.jazzguitar.be but the real key is listening to jazz. you have to listen alot. Listen to a miles davis solo and transcribe it out, etc. If you feel intimidated by jazz, get a teacher.
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Well, I've heard people saying that jazz is something that is almost impossible to learn on your own. Or at least very, very hard.

I've heard people say that about learning to play the guitar also. It sounds like you already know most of the theory you'll need, now start listening and playing!