Heres an In Flames cover done using Amplitube Metal for the guitars, AmpegSVX for the bass (using my guitar) and Addictive Drums fo the drums. The lead guitar uses the same preset but using both pick ups on a les paul with the neck pickup tone rolled right back.

So what do you think?


Any questions, feel free to ask!
hey man. this is a great cover.
no timing issues, great tone. (Which I assume you are using the 5150 and tubescreamer to create?)

i don't really know what else to say, this is spot on.

i would like to know how much the addictive drums program cost though.
Thanks for your comments!!

Grey DYnasty, I did use the 5150 in amplitube metal yea and I used a real tube screamer in front of it.

Addictive drums costs about 120 quid but if your not sure about it just download the demo. It aloows you to do everything the full version does except it has no toms...
lol thanks for the comment!!

I was thinking of maybe doing Wayfaerer but if you have any suggestions then I wouldn't mind some ideas. Preferably In Flames btw...
I looked for your presets on that forum you talked about, couldn't find anything ? Could you send em to me somehow ?