Now, as we all know, a concept album is one that tells a tale or a story.

Now, i was hoping to write one set in ye olde medieval times (:p and i was just wondering if you guys had any tips on the way i should go about writing it. I'm open to suggestions about other topics to write it about, but in all honesty, I'm stuck character wise and how to really start it off.

I've thought about writing a story and trying to do what Protest the Hero did and write it from different perspectives, but every time I've tried to turn a story into song, it's all gone a bit wrong.

Any help much appreciated.
mann my band tried doing that too lol we ended up wit a few concept Songs but not a whole album >< but unfortunately i cant help u with lyrics = /
well for starters we sort of wrote the story before writing any lyrics etc and decided where exactly it would go then from there we got lyrics and then added music to them hmmm ill try and ask my singer about his process so i can give u better advice xD
Write down your idea into a story as TisPyon said, and then feed that story into lyrics.

Works very well. It's how I plan on doing it .
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Now, as we all know, a concept album is one that tells a tale or a story.

Not exactly. A concept album is an album with a concept (like, say, medievil times). So, you don't neceessarily have to have a story. Any plan that you want the entire album to submit to is a concept. In fact, one guy I knew said that every album is a concept album, because it's a picture of who the band was at the time.

Obviously, you have a plan set out, as far as a general concept. I could suggest that you watch your word selection, maybe pick some words that sound medievil. Really, subject matter can't be influenced too much, because what happens then happens now, just in a different way. So definitly avoid medievil subjects, since that's incredibly limited.
But word selection can be easy. Take the word "King", for instance. Or "Maiden", or "Crusade". And they'll definitly help if they're song titles.