well im listening through laptop speakers but im thinkin you should use a pick and turn up the mids and highs and turn down the low, you may aloso want to play with your bridge pickup, if you have a pickup in the bridge position
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Brand new strings, use a pick, boost the high mids and I'm not sure about the pickup selection. I think its a great tone, really cuts through.
Thx! Ive been thinking that myself.(however due to deep personal reasons i vowed never to use a pick). I find the neck pickup works best when you pluck there.
Mostly comes from the pick. I'm pretty sure he has a signature bass, check that out I guess.
ive been trying to get that tone. the best way is to boost the hi mids and trebles, but since you dont use picks grow your finger nails and use that, also try to pluck near the bridge and use the bridge pickup.