I'm 19, and we're going through really tough times financially speaking, and my $7.90/hour job isn't cutting it. So, I talked to my dad who is in a trade himself and he said wherever I go, people will always need electricians, mechanics, plumbers, etc and they make a good honest wage. So I thought it over and decided I can be either an electrician or a mechanic but from what I heard you need someone to take you in as an apprentice. Has anyone here ever done that before? I know someone here is a mechanic.

I was thinking doing this to help my parents and get myself through college later on possibly.
If you want to be an electrictian, a local cable company could help you. They'll train you as a repairman and that'll look good on a resume if you want to be an electritian.
people always need musicians..even when the times are hard they need to party and get happy. i would rather teach and gig than shove my hand down a U bend and pick out someones month old turds.
I'm going to learn to be a mason. There is a 3 year class I'm going to take and after that I'll be a certified mason.

Look into tech schools in your area.

But yeah your dad is right, craftsmen will ALWAYS have jobs regardless of the economy and such.
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go to the local union office and they will have a bunch of paperwork on it and a list of companies in your area that hire them,
all the trades have secret handshakes. you have to go up to random tradesmen and try various handshakes until you get one right. then you can be an apprentice.

ps- your dad is a tradesman. ask him.
apprentice ship. call around to places etc.
also, there are trade schools. i dont know of any, but google should.
well, go to school (i just got out for welding) or find someone who can get your foot in the door at their own workplace. Namely family or close friends.
If your dad is in a trade, he can easily get you into an apprenticeship.
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Phone around, try to get more information about what you're thinking of doing.

Good luck mate.