There are a lot of threads on string gauge, but they didn't exactly answer my question.

I want to find (if they exist) strings that go from E standard (EADGBE) all the way to D Standard (DGCFAD) and even drop C (CGCFAD). Some questions:

  • Do these strings exist? I have heard of Ernie Ball's Slinky Strings, and am wondering if they live up to expectation.
  • If these strings do indeed exist, what are they?
  • I enjoy playing metal, so bends and string tension is important. What gauge would be suitable in these kinds of strings?

Thank you for your time. Stay metal, all!
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The interview with Brendon Small on this website he was saying something about using really really thick strings so that when he is in Drop C the tension feels like Standard.

I would look at that vid and see if he mentions the specifics about them.
.010-.052 is great. I like GHS Boomers.
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