Today a got a new MIM P-bass. When I plugged it into my amp I noticed the cord in my bass was crackling when I moved it around and I figured it was the output jack on my bass. So I unscrewed the nut around the output jack but when I did the jack slipped through the bass. I decided it would be easier to get the jack back in place if I removed the pick guard so I removed the strings but I have no Idea how to get the control knobs off. So hear are my questions.

How do you remove the knobs?

Do I have to reset action/intonation/neck relief because I tool off all the strings?

If I change the action on my bass do I have to reset intonation and neck relief?

How do you get the jack out of my bass? (It only slipped in a little)
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the knobs should be able to be hauled off or there may be an allan key in the side, you may have to screw a nut off the jack to take it out and if you are gonna put the same strings back on it should be alright
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Well I just fixed the input jack on my bass but I still need my third question answered. The action on my bass came a little to low.
You shouldn't need to take the knobs off unless you're taking the pots off. But an easy way to do it is wrap a t-shirt of something around them and gently pull.

Action, relief, and intonation shouldn't change much when you take off the strings, but if it's not how you like it you can always adjust it. If it's your first time take it slow.

For some reason it seems like you haven't taken the pickguard off, is that right? (because that's how you'd get the jack out)

I did take the pick guard off because in addition to fixing the jack I needed to get all the plastic off that comes on new basses. There were screws on the side of the tone knobs and I had to unscrew them to get the knobs off.
If you change the action on your bass I would also check neck relief and intonation, may as well. You have nothing to lose by doing so.
the knobs don't need to come off it's a p bass, hell the strings didn't even need to come off

just unscrew the pickguard fish the jack back through the hole, tighten it and whack the pickguard back in place and screw it in

as long as you haven't mess with the truss rod or the adjusters on the bridge you should be able to just put the strings (or strings of the same gauge) back on
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