So i've had my Ibanez S520EX for about a year and it's a fantastic instrument. I've recently started actually developing my ear for tone and i've decided some new pickups are definitely in order.

Now, I have NO idea about where to go with it. I mostly play bluesy improv, but I also dabble in basically everything, classical fingerpicking, metal, jazz chords, pop. Any suggestions on what I should be looking at? (Price is also no problem, I can make almost anything work)

(Pic of the guitar in sig, click on the name)

(Also, I have no plans on upgrading my amp right now. I live with my parents and I never play with the volume level above like 4 so having tube isn't really important)
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No point getting new pickups, they're not going to make much, if any difference to your tone given the rest of the rig.
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