yeahh, im having a hard time involving my pinky in my guitar playing. like, my mind is saying not to use it. and i really want to. so can you give me some excersises to get my pinky playing? thanks.


i heard that for your picking hand, you should grow your nails long on that hand. so you can use it to pick,(mainly finger pick) but is that what people do? or is that a stupid lie?

Classical guitarists grow their nails on their picking hand all the time. It's only for fingerpicking though. If you use a pick most of the time don't do it.

As for the pinky, just force yourself. Be mean to yourself and get an easy song to play where you nearly have no choice but to use it. My suggestion would be the clean intro to ...And Justice For All by Metallica.

EDIT: Some simple pentatonic excersizes help too.
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As far as the nail thing, some people do it, but it's a matter of preference. I tried it once many years ago, hated it, and now I just use a pick.

For the pinky, I believe it was Steve Vai's 30 hour guitar workout that got me using mine, and I haven't looked back. I'm sorry I don't know where you'd find that particular set of exercises, but I'm sure if you google it you'll come up with something.
Try this, only use your pinky for like a week, and see if it becomes stronger and you start to use it more.

I don't know if this will work becuase I never had any issues with my fingers since I played violin for 5 years before I started guitar.