Well I'm going to be getting a Schecter c-1 fr, but idk what color to get
it's between Black with a cream binding (on side boarders) or white with black binding (same as with black and cream). Now the white is $25 cheaper then the black, but im feeling the black on black better. Opinions?
I vote black.
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Though they both may sound the same, you have to like what you play. It's only $25. I say black on black.
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you like black on black better, get black on black.

althought white guitars are the sexiest things ever.
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Black, although I like it white.
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Go with white, identical quality with a sweeter price.
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I think the white just looks a little tacky with a silver trem, if it was black i would get it. So i think i will get the black and then dye the fret board black. BLACK