Well I went into my local store today planning on playing the D-15 and the 000-15. Both wonderful guitars but I just prefered the tone of the 000. I really just wanted get the opinions of any owners of this guitar
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I'm not an owner, but I also loved the tone of the 000-15. Amazing guitar, really. I liked it more than a lot of the other high end Martins, to be honest.
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There are many fans of the Martin 000-15. I have the 000-15S with the slothead and 12 fret to the body configuration. This is very similar to the 000-15, but it has a bigger woody and chunky bottom end tone.

These guitars are not as resonant and bright for strumming loud as spruce top guitars, but they have a characteristic sweetness to their tone, especially when played fingerstyle, IMO.

If you play a decent cheap guitar back to back with one of these, you will appreciate the tonal balance and excellent playability when set up well.

All cheap guitars can be set up well, but when a good guitar is set up well, the tones just bounce off of your fingers and make you feel like a better player.