You ease passed the hallway in such a symmetrical sway
That I barely caught your light from edge of my eye
Your hair was up in such a beautiful mess
That what flowed out was a black flowing dress

You gave me a look, to only just look away
If you entered my heart, you were as quick as you came
My fixation was fixed, your movements entranced
I'm a believer now that love might be a dance

I knew you for about 30 seconds
You blew my mind with your existance
Now your just a memory
to me

Down the escalator you vanished and then,
I walked by the windows where you stood when,
You blinked enough for me to catch the color
They were green and so inviting

It wasn't a dream, but it sure was surreal
As I thought up the words while at the wheel
You deserved some lines, I thought you were a myth
But I'm a beleiver now in that you exist
Simply, the world was too small for a man of his ambition.
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