I want to get a Digitech Whammy, but they are waayyy too expensive for someone on a high school student's budget. Does anyone know any cheaper alternatives that are almost as good?
Well, you could look used, but as far as an alternative- there really isn't much of one since you don't get the octave sweep up/down on any other pedal except expression pedals and those don't sound anywhere near as good IMHO.
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I have one and it's realllly amazing. You could go for the Boss Super Shifter, but to get the cool whammy effect whenever you want you would have to buy the expression pedal too, and after that it would be cheaper to get a digitech whammy. You could easily get one for like 150, maybe even 100 on ebay though
Yeah, my job has made it so I can get alot more stuff no doubt. Even if your a freshman in highschool like I was, even though I didn't get a job lol, you can still get a job
Genz Benz El Diablo 60
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I have a job, but I need to save for uni also and I just bought a new guitar and will be getting a new amp soon. I'm usually not keen on buying used, so I'll probably just save.
Pretty much all pitch shifter pedals under $200 (other than the whammy) are pretty crap. The only other ones that come close to the whammy are a bit more expensive, like the G Major.
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Well, theres the Boss Super Shifter, which is a pile of crap and the Electro harmonix HOG, which will probably turn out more expensive anyway. My advice is if you want an effect, save your bloody money. Everyone tells me how awesoem it is how I have a Moog MuRF and a Diamond Memory Lane, and the solution was that I saved enough money to afford them.
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I'm gonna save. I will have some money left over after I buy my amp this weekend, and since the guy who runs the local guitar shop is a mate I'll see if he gives me a discount on the Whammy. If not, I'll save and wait. Thanks guys.
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