Just got a new Multi-Effects Pedal (Digitech RP200a), I found in the used bin at my local guitar shop, so I picked it up. Cost me $170.

Here I am just messing around. I play all my own things (stuff I made up), except a few Rush songs, which you'll probably recognize (I play alot without an amp when I practice and I was REALLY surprised I could play The Spirit Of Radio, that made my day today, tbh). Otherwise I'm just playing random crap/practicing, there this one riff in there I play alot, I know you'll think it's from a song (all my friends think it is), but it's not, honestly. I just put my MP3 player on record and put it in front of my amp, then I forgot about almost immediately, lol, that's why most of it is mistakes.

I love this thing. It's also my first pedal, so some if it sounds wierd, I'm just getting used to pushing a pedal while playing.

Played on my lovely Les Paul Studio.

It's not edited at all, straight from my MP3 player to my computer to the net.

There is a few riffs from Rush songs in here, but there is alot of original stuff (random crap) too, so I didn't know whether to put this in here or the covers forum, I think this one is better.